How do I become an affiliate?

You can become an affiliate for Social Prospector Pro at any time by following the instructions in the Affiliate section of your Social Prospector Pro back office. Here is a direct link:

What is the commission structure?

We pay 33% commission on all direct Social Prospector Pro referrals & 15% for all upsells. 

Get approved to begin promoting Social Prospector Pro as an affiliate.

When are commissions paid?

As of today January 2, 2021, we have changed the way we are paying commissions to Social Prospector affiliates. Due to multiple chargebacks and disputes that have been generated recently, we are now paying twice monthly instead of weekly. The minimum threshold in order to receive your commission payout has also increased from $20 to $50 in sales generated. 

Your commissions will be paid on the 1st & 15th of every month following the first 7 days after the initial trial sale. This means that the sale must fall outside of the 7-day refund policy to make it eligible for payout.

For example, if you make a sale in the first week of January, you will receive your commission on the 15th of the month as long as it's outside of the 7-day refund window before the 15th has arrived and you have met the $50 earning threshold.

How are commissions paid?

Your affiliate commission will now be paid via PayPal or Payoneer only. You need to have an active PayPal or Payoneer account on file. This will guarantee that your commission is successfully processed. To do so, go to here to follow these steps:

For affiliates who generate high commission volumes, we provide the option to use TransferWise as a payment method. Note that when using Wire, the default minimum threshold is 500 EUR/USD/AUD/GBP (depending on your currency). You would also need to reach out to customer support for us to set you up to be paid via TransferWise.