In order to allow Social Prospector to bypass the normal username and password login process into Facebook, you can paste Cookies from another active login session and use those same Cookies to directly enter into that same account.

The tool that we recommend for the job is EditThisCookie. It's not only a Google Chrome extension but it's also available for many other browsers.

Here are the steps for pasting in Facebook Cookies to Social Prospector

As shown in the image above you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Facebook profile that you would like to extract the Cookies from
  2. Open the EditThisCookie extension and click on the Export button to copy the Cookies
  3. Open Social Prospector's edit Facebook Account page and use the following keyboard shortcut commands to paste: For Mac: Command + V | For Windows: Ctrl + V
  4. Click the Save Account button

From there you are all set to log directly into your account without needing to use a username or password!

Important note: The Cookies that you use will remain active as long as you remain logged into your Facebook account in your browser. The moment you log out of that Facebook session in your browser those cookies will expire and will need to be replaced by following the same process.