If you need to hide the IP address that you are using to connect to a Facebook profile, you can do so by using the Proxy String integration features available in the "edit Facebook account" form by clicking the Add Facebook Account button on the settings page.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who is outsourcing their daily use of Social Prospector on their personal Facebook account and is concerned about Facebook detecting the difference in IP addresses.

Webshare is a trusted source that we recommend for using Private Proxies in bulk!

Once you sign up and select your proxy plan, you will simply need to click on "Proxy list" from the left-side menu and make sure that the proxy protocol is set to HTTP (as shown in the image below).

From there you will see a list made up of HTTP private proxies that you now can set to the correct formatting and paste into Social Prospector.

How to correctly format your Proxy String to be used in Social Prospector

Using the example above, you need to combine the IP, Port, Username and Password in this format:


Notice that each section of the proxy string is separated by a Colon. It is critical that you format your proxy string this way in order for it to work properly in Social Prospector.

In the image below you can see exactly how to ask Social Prospector to check if your proxy string is valid and set up correctly within the edit Facebook account form.

If you have any issues or questions concerning this process, please feel free to submit a ticket to us here so that we can assist you: Submit Ticket