The Offer Finder feature will allow you to generate dozens or even hundreds of offers that are within the niche of your choice based on the keyword phrase that you choose to search from.

You can even filter the results so that you are only generating offers created within the last 365 days!

What Offer Finder Can Do For You:

Using this feature will allow you to instantly gather intel on what has been selling in your market or niche. This will allow you to throw around a few ideas on what you could possibly create as a product or service.

This will either allow you to add more income to your already existing product line or to create one!

Explaining The Offer Finder Settings:

  • Domain: By default the domain that is set will be which will allow you to generate offers created on that platform.

  • Keyword Phrase: What you enter as your keyword phrase will tell Funnel P.I what to look for within the content of the ClickFunnel sales page. Only enter one keyword phrase at a time.

  • Remove URLs Containing: These keywords are used to detect specific types of ClickFunnels pages that are not valuable to your search efforts. You can modify these as needed.

  • Remove URLs Not Containing: This will allow Funnel P.I to filter out all pages that are not related to ClickFunnels.

  • Generate Results From The Past Year Only: This feature will allow you to generate only offers that have been published within the last 1 year in order to have the most fresh and relevant offers to your marketplace.